You are a child of the universe

photo Gina was writing about a new spiritual and physical path recently, and that got me to thinking.

Almost everything gets me to thinking. You’ll get used to it.

She described it like this: “It’s a way to achieve self-healing, inner peace, and happiness. I’m still learning, but I already want to start working on opening my chakras. To do that I need to learn how to meditate. I think practicing yoga will help me towards that as well, teach me how to internally calm myself. Ultimately, I want to reach a peak of spiritual strength. By that point, I’ll have faced and conquered my demons, and have conquered my past traumas. I won’t be held back by them anymore.”

And that made me pause to wonder: what do people look for when they decide to head down the spiritual path?
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We frolic and play the Eskimo way

cold-snow Once upon a time, George Carlin spoke these immortal words of wisdom: “If you don’t like the weather … move!”

Yes, believe it or not, I am about to spend a few minutes of your precious time talking about the weather.

It’s probable that I haven’t mentioned this before now but I live in upstate New York — the part of New York with cows and barns and tiny villages. When it’s cold, it’s white and when it’s warm, it’s green, and there isn’t a skyscraper in sight.

This is significant for those of you who seem to think that New York doesn’t go any further north than Westchester County and it consists entirely of the megatropolis of New York City. In case you’ve never heard this before, there’s a lot more to the Empire State than The Big Apple.
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In the eyes of a child there is joy, there is laughter

We're going to have a little fun instead.

“We’re going to have a little fun instead.”

Sometimes when I think back to 18-year-old Dawn, I have to laugh a little. Back then, I swore to myself that I wouldn’t have children, for reasons that seemed sound to me at the time.

  1. Children were annoying.
  2. I was lacking in patience to deal with annoying people.
  3. Having children was painful (or so I’d heard).
  4. Males were unreliable for partnership in parenting.
  5. Having children kept you from having a life.
  6. Having children impinged on your freedom.
  7. Children were expensive.
  8. Children were a longer-term commitment than I was comfortable with.
  9. Children would prevent me from continuing to pretend I didn’t care about anything, thus piercing my defenses.
  10. I didn’t know how to do children and, from what I could see, neither did anybody else.

All of this is laughable to me at this point because now, of course, I have four of them. In the process, I discovered that all of the above is a bunch of poppycock. Or … well, let me re-phrase that. All of that could happen if you have kids but it doesn’t have to. It all depends on the kinds of choices you make once you have them.
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