The candles flicker and dim

phoenix Do you like this? This is the original cover for my novel, The Rise of The Phoenix.

It was first published by a now-defunct e-book publisher — the name of which escapes me but I was their best-selling author — and then published in trade paperback by my own now-defunct book imprint, Brighid’s Fire Books.

It’s currently out of print but that’s okay because I’m going to post the whole thing, one chapter at a time, right here on my blog. And just as a side note, that’s not my name anymore.

So …

If you’ve ever been to a really bad party, then no doubt you’ll strongly sympathize with poor Dia in Chapter 3. What makes the bad party even worse is that somebody is messing with her mind. Does she just “fit in” or will she try something else?

I hope you enjoy reading Chapter 3 of The Rise of The Phoenix.