I feel like a zombie coming back to life

This is how you can tell it’s the weekend. There’s another chapter of The Rise of The Phoenix for your reading pleasure!

Chapter 4

Dia came to herself with a shock. The lassitude which had overcome her had suddenly evaporated and she was alert once more. It almost seemed that she had been in some sort of trance and, unsure of what she had said in the last hour and to whom, she looked around her in some alarm. Daerus was nowhere to be seen and, now that she was really seeing the bawdy revelry all around her, she blushed a fiery red in mortification. The thought of what she might have said in her stupor made her feel vulnerable and even a little frightened.

Her companion watched her confusion and dismay for a moment and then, in what seemed to her to be the most profoundly understanding tones, said, “Permit me to make my mother known to you.”

Dia, trembling, laid her hand on the arm he offered and allowed herself to be led along the wall to where a few chairs had been set up for the older ladies. Her heart was racing and she had no desire to be presented to anyone or to do anything but return to her chambers to consider this strange turn of events.

Even now, she felt a sort of pressure in her mind, a heavy hand bearing down on everything in and around her. Indeed, it had not been particularly subtle but it had been terrifyingly irresistible. She could understand how the courtiers around her would have succumbed; that she, trained in the Secrets of the TimeKeepers, and well shielded, could also be helpless against this power left her feeling trapped.
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