Slipping into darkness

Dia explores the darkness

Dia knew, before she opened her eyes, that her brother was pounding on the door. She had risen and dressed in some haste, determined to give herself enough time to commune again with that eternal, internal core of herself before she was required to face the dangers of the darkness once more. She felt wonderfully refreshed, even more so than when she had awakened from a deep and restful slumber. She took a deep breath, cloaking her skin with a profound calm that she hoped she could carry about with her, refusing to be hurried. “Dia!”

She heard several more thumps on the door. Inhaling deeply once more, she went to admit her brother.

Dia wasn’t sure what Daerus was expecting but when she opened her door and he looked upon her, his head reared back slightly and his face reflected amazement and displeasure.

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