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Dia enjoys a meal with the party from Aerandos

When Dia, accompanied by Lord Caelon, entered the Grand Duchess’s sitting room a few moments later, she found that lady bent almost double over a sizable trunk, rummaging about and muttering to herself distractedly. “Oh, no … no … it cannot be that I left it at Aerandos … I was sure … oh, here it … no, that is not it …,” her Grace mumbled.

“Oh, Mama,” Lord Caelon sang to her agitated Grace, casting a wicked glance at Dia and causing that young lady to choke on a laugh.

“Oh, Caelon,” wailed Lady Tamia in tones of the greatest distress, still without emerging from her trunk, “do not be teasing and infuriating. Help me to find it. She will be here at any moment.”

“I am afraid she is here now, Mama,” his lordship said apologetically to his agitated parent.

Happy Saturday! I hope you’ve already started recovering from your work week. I’ve done my bit to help by posting the next chapter of The Rise of The Phoenix. Enjoy!

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