Smiling at the frowns


Chapter 7

Lord Saeros outsmarts his emperor and Caelon finds amusement in the palace.

In company with his father, Caelon strode through the palace halls on his way to the throne room. He knew he ought, in truth, to be focused upon the upcoming meeting with Emperor Kaerkas but the strange interlude just before lunch still disturbed him.

He could not tell if Lady Dia were being honest or not when she implied that the dark and deadly chill he had experienced today for the second time was not somehow her doing. Of course, he knew he had no real reason to imagine that hers might be the hand at work. Yet, he could not rid himself of the feeling that it did have very much to do with her. The only question he really needed to answer was whether she was the potential threat or the potential victim.

Welcome to the weekend! I don’t know about you but I could definitely use the breather this week. I have another chapter of The Rise of The Phoenix to share with you and, as always, comments and feedback and even raw adulation are welcome. Enjoy!

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