Comes the time we have to say so long


Dia contemplates bringing her visit to the imperial palace to a close.

“I am not on the hunt for a husband,” Dia told him calmly.

“Nonsense, my lady,” Prince Maermat argued. “Somehow I cannot see you dwindling into spinsterhood, hanging on your brother’s sleeve.”

“Very likely not,” she said, unable to contain her amusement. “Poor Daerus! In any event, I am sure that my parents and my brother share the hope that I shall meet many suitable gentlemen among his Majesty’s court and shall receive an acceptable offer from among them.”

“And do you expect such an offer?”

Again, she fixed him with a level stare. Imperial prince or no, the fellow was mightily impertinent. “Really, Prince Maermat, you take an inordinate interest in my matrimonial prospects!” she finally protested.

“I take an interest in everything about you, my lady,” he replied meaningfully, his speculative gaze holding hers.

“How very dull that must be for you!” Dia said cheerfully, hoping to douse some of his ardor. His Highness, in Dia’s opinion, had all the subtlety of an enraged bull.

Another weekend is here! I’m excited, how about you? There’s another chapter of The Rise of The Phoenix now up for your reading pleasure.

Happy reading! Happy Saturday and enjoy your last week of Daylight Savings Time. 🙂

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