To get a jolt from my electrodes

Party time!

Party time!

Happy Friday, friends, and Happy Halloween, too.

I should state for the record that I am not one of those like this fellow blogger who considers this to be “the coolest holiday known to man and Otherworldly Beings.”

Today, you can pretend you are anyone you want to be, and finally ignore that lifelong ban on taking candy from strangers. How can a day get any better???

So, no, this is not my favorite holiday by any means. Not even close. I have never in my life gone trick-or-treating — which means that I guess I was just raised to dislike this holiday — and I have never answered my door to the little neighborhood shits, either. In fact, I’ll confess that I prefer Groundhog Day to Halloween.

On the other hand, I have never interfered with the rest of my family’s Halloween hilarity and I’ll confess that there are one or two things about it that I think are kind of fun.

I work in a building that is of historic vintage and once housed a bank on the first floor. The landlord has his office in what was once one of those huge bank safes — which is kind of cool actually. But it is a very sober, bank-like first floor in a very quiet, sober downtown office building. The perfect setting for me to find myself listening to The Monster Mash as I got on the elevator yesterday morning.

And, just between you and me, I sang … from the time the doors closed on the first floors until they opened again on the fifth floor. No, I didn’t get caught.

And my kid is going to be marching in the Halloween parade this evening, lugging and blowing into his baritone sax. He has promised to spend an hour in the shower when he’s done, thawing himself out.

And we’re having a party. This is the first time that my children, all of whom are now old enough to get laid legally, have elected to forgo the door-to-door begging for candy and stay home. So, instead, we’ll buy our own candy and, since I never answer my door on this day, we’ll eat it ourselves. And, since there are grown ups involved, there will also be alcohol … something else the little kids miss out on.

Any excuse to throw a party works for me.

On top of that, my sweet stud muffin is coming over the join in the celebration, which means that I may not be tricking anybody tonight but I’ll definitely be treating and being treated.

I could think of worse ways to end the week.

My very favorite thing about Halloween is that it is the holiday harbinger, if you will. Once you get to Halloween, then you know that Thanksgiving and Christmas (yes, it’s politically incorrect of me and remind me sometime to demonstrate for your edification all the fucks I give) and New Year’s are a hop, skip and jump away. Those are the holidays I live for … um … to the degree that I live for holidays under any circumstances.

How about you? Any plans for the evening? Whatever you’re doing, stay safe … and have fun!


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