Bring me to life


Dia surrenders to the light

” . . . and so, of course, his Majesty asked me at once whatever I could mean by such a statement,” Lady Dia was recounting to an audience of interested Aerandosians, kneading her hands anxiously. Caelon watched her with interest, rather amused that the normally self-possessed Lady Dia should be reduced to the nervousness of a kitten and wondering what under the sun could have happened.

Neither he nor his parents had been a bit surprised to see her when he had opened his mother’s sitting room door and invited her inside. After all, she usually arrived shortly before midmeal to enliven his mother’s day with her company. Today, however, she had hurled herself into his mother’s sitting room as if all the demons of Chaos were chasing her and, instead of settling down to chat, she had said in some agitation that she had done something dreadful and wished to beg their pardon. Thus far, the nature of her crime had wholly escaped Caelon, for the girl seemed to be taking the devil of a long time getting to the point.

“So, I told him . . . I told him . . . ,” and Lady Dia faltered to a stop.

After a seemingly interminable wait, during which it became apparent that her ladyship could not bring herself to continue, his mother prompted gently, “You told him . . . ?”

Happy Saturday! It’s Veteran’s Day weekend and, if you’re lucky, you have a long weekend before you. If you are less lucky, then you have a weekend plus a day off on Tuesday, which is still not too shabby.

Another chapter of The Rise of The Phoenix has been posted for your reading pleasure. We are almost halfway through the story now and the plot has thickened quite a bit by now. As always, I am grateful for any feedback you choose to share.


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