Wanna thank you


As many of you already know, before I graduated from college and got a real job, I worked for Walmart.

It was an experience I did not enjoy.

That experience gave me a lot of reasons for telling people that a job at Walmart is a last resort, bottom of the barrel, what-you-do-when-you-can’t-pay-your-rent-and-have-absolutely-no-other-options kind of career choice. One of the biggies, believe it or not, is the way they schedule absolutely every single employee to work on Thanksgiving Day.

When I worked at Walmart, I was not available to work on Thursdays. I was a part time employee and, as a student, I had arranged my life so that I worked on Friday evening and on Saturday and Sunday afternoon/evening. Those were the only times I was available. They scheduled me to work on Thanksgiving and I said, “I’m sorry, I don’t work on Thursdays. I don’t care if it’s Thanksgiving, I’m not available to work on Thanksgiving.”

They didn’t care. They scheduled me anyway. I called out. They fired me.

Of course, they said it was because I had so many absences that one more was just the straw that broke the HR back. And that was true, too. But the fact is that they scheduled me to work on a day that I wasn’t available to work and then, when I didn’t work that day, they fired me.

Such is the world of a Walmart employee.
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