I see the face of yesterday’s child


I have always liked the image of Janus depicting the demise of one year and the birth of another. I particularly like this image, showing Janus’ two faces, one of them elderly and the other youthful. No need to state the obvious, right?

So this is the first of two New Year’s Eve posts. This is the Old Man Post, otherwise known as 2014 In Review.

Being something of an old man myself (figuratively speaking, of course), I have trouble remembering what I was doing in January by the time December rolls around. And there are any number of tools that I could use to remind myself of what I’ve been doing this year, but I decided to go with my email Sent Mail folder.

So this is what I have learned.
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I got to walk on


I haven’t decided yet if I plan to do one of those Year In Review posts, or even a Plans for the New Year post.

I don’t really know what I’m going to be doing in 2015. I mean, other than spending the first three months of it training myself to stop writing “2014” — but that’s normal.

One thing that is going to be happening in 2015 is that I will still be writing.

Possibly you did not notice this but I stopped posting a chapter at a time of The Rise of The Phoneix every Saturday or so. That’s because — in case you hadn’t noticed — I posted the whole thing. There it is, right there <—- in the left hand nav panel along with my Categories and my monthly Archives, all 22 chapters of it.

Mission accomplished.
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I got a bluebird singing freedom


I just wanted to slip in here and let you all know that I survived Christmas.

As old as my kids are, you wouldn’t think that would be a problem, would you? It was kinda sad, actually.

I got Ricky a new motherboard but I didn’t realize that he has an AMD CPU, so I got him an Intel board. Needless to say, I’m returning the thing and getting a refund and a different motherboard. And, just to play it safe, I’m also getting him a new CPU — his current one seems old enough to remember Windows 95 — as part of a package deal.

BUT none of that matters to him in the least because I also got him new headphones and that was enough to actually inspire him to give me a hug.

(If you knew Ricky, you would know how amazing that is, all by itself.)
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Have a holly jolly Christmas


You know, I came in here today for the specific purpose of writing a Christmas post.

Only problem being that, of course, I have absolute nothing to say.

I don’t think I’m lacking in spirit. It’s just that I’m pretty low key about most things. Including Christmas.

So, I’m just going to say that I hope you have a lovely holiday with plenty of peace and joy and kindness … and music … and alcohol … and good food and good times.

Be well.

Blessed be!