It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


I’ve been wanting to come in here and talk to you folks for some time but I’ve been pretty stressed out lately. Hard for me to write when I’m stressed.

I have a lot to tell you, too. In fact, enough that I need to take a minute to decide what this post is going to be about.

Stress, I think. Yes … stress.

So, before, I was stressing out because I wanted to buy Christmas presents for my kids. That might not sound like much to you but it’s sort of a big deal for me. For the past three years or so (possibly more), I haven’t been able to do that because I’ve been too broke.

It sucked.

My kids were extremely nice about it but they, too, felt that it sucked.

This year, I am still broke but I’m less broke. That produces stress because I sit around and wonder if I’m going to be able to buy them anything, and then if I’m going to be able to buy them what I want to buy them, and then how much of what I want to buy them can I but them, and then will it get here on time because of all the time I wasted trying to answer the previous three questions.

All the gifts are ordered from the various vendors from which I ordered them — and yes, I know I’m supposed to shop local but there isn’t anywhere local from which I could have bought a motherboard — so that’s done.

About half of them have already been delivered, which is cool.

Then there’s the ones that are coming from China. Of course, I didn’t realize they were coming from so far away when I ordered them. So now, I’m stressing about whether they will get here in time for the holiday. Will they? I don’t know. One of them hasn’t even shipped! Oh no! Eeek!

Then there’s the Christmas decorations. I ended up making the painful decision to try decorating the outside of the house rather than the inside because I figured that lights would be cheaper than a tree and decorations. Well, I was wrong but it’s too late now. And, after getting all those lights and things, what to my wondering eyes should appear — or not appear — but an outside outlet to plug in all … some … any … of those lights.

So the lights came into the house (I hadn’t really bought enough anyway) and are strewn about the first floor. It could be worse.

At least the Christmas music worked out. The rather eclectic mix of carols and things by Kenny Loggins, Gloria Estefan and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra has been augmented with collections by Earth Wind & Fire and Pentatonix. Good stuff.

And I have almost everything I need to cook on Christmas. Almost. And I will remember to get the rest of what I need from the store. I’m sure I will …

That sound you hear? That’s me gnawing on my nails. The suspense is killing me … and stressing me out.


2 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  1. This is the first year ever I have had zero stress. That is, until today, when my son’s Christmas present came by FedEx in a box I can’t lift with giant lettering that reads
    Let the stress begin!!!
    I have offered to cook my Best Friend dinner if he will put this giant go cart together for me!!
    I wish you the best of luck!
    Great blog, by the way!!!

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