I got a bluebird singing freedom


I just wanted to slip in here and let you all know that I survived Christmas.

As old as my kids are, you wouldn’t think that would be a problem, would you? It was kinda sad, actually.

I got Ricky a new motherboard but I didn’t realize that he has an AMD CPU, so I got him an Intel board. Needless to say, I’m returning the thing and getting a refund and a different motherboard. And, just to play it safe, I’m also getting him a new CPU — his current one seems old enough to remember Windows 95 — as part of a package deal.

BUT none of that matters to him in the least because I also got him new headphones and that was enough to actually inspire him to give me a hug.

(If you knew Ricky, you would know how amazing that is, all by itself.)

Kimmie was pleased with all her Christmas gifts but, then, I knew she would be. I bought them directly from her Amazon Wish List, which she has entitled “Things That Would Please Me”. Things don’t get much easier than that.

I made it a little bit more fun for myself by telling her some of what I was getting her but not all of what I was getting her.

David, on the other hand, was not pleased but then he never is. One memorable Christmas about four or five years ago, he complained loudly to one of his siblings, “I never get what I want.” Poor thing. Given then financial situation that year, he was lucky to have gotten anything.

But I digress.

This year, he gave me a list with two items on it. I bought him one of them. Unfortunately, it did not arrived in time for Christmas morning. I did tell him it was coming and I bought him other things, so it wasn’t like he got nothing. But he wasn’t happy because he asked for two things but he really, really only wanted one of them.

I almost always bat 0-0-0 with David … or at least, I have since he was about 14 year old. I’m used to it.

I think my favorite gift, and the one that was the most fun to give, was taking Derek out to Roots (the recently opened local craft beer joint on Main Street that brews their own potent brews) and accidentally choosing a night when they had live entertainment. It was a lovely evening, I enjoyed escaping from my children for a little while, he appreciated it and so did I.

Dinner was simple and elegant and traditional: roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and steamed cauliflower and broccoli mix, followed by apple pie.

So, that’s that. 2014 Christmas celebration among family plus stud-muffin — CHECK.

Now, on to New Year’s!