What is the future of yesterday’s child?


So, here we have our second of two New Year’s 2015 posts, operating in the true Janus spirit. Yesterday, we did the Janus-old-man-looking-back post. This morning, allow me to present the Janus-youth-looking-ahead post.

Resolutions? Oh, I don’t do resolutions. Sorry if that disappoints you.

Prognosticating is not really my thing, either, but there are one or two things I am looking forward to in the coming year.

And, just because I like you, I am willing to share some of them with you.

As is often the case, my immediate future is something of a puzzle to me because I am waiting for something. I always seem to be waiting for something, ever since I got pregnant the very first time. The problem with that is that it makes it very easy to ignore the present because your eyes are always fixed on the future. If you don’t train yourself to live while you wait you will wind up waiting to live and then you wind up not living at all.

But I digress.

The Big Thing I’m waiting for early this year is grad school. Specifically, I submitted my application back in November but I am not going to know until sometime around March whether or not I was accepted. That decision on the part of the graduate program of my choice will determine what my plans will be for the rest of the year … sort of.

If I get in, obviously, I will start immediately making plans and arrangements to move my family to the appropriate state and city, and everything that entails. And given the levels of necessary services that my children regularly consume, that is going to entail quite a bit. It’ll keep me pretty busy from March until June, and then I’ll be able to move out at the end of June without having to worry about renewing my current lease.

If I don’t get it, I still have options.

I might still be able to get a job in that state, in which case I will head down there because I’m thinking I would like to not live up here anymore. Nothing against the people but the climate leaves a lot to be desired.

Besides, regardless of what other things might be going on with me, I need to find another job. What I’m doing now is making me a cog in the wheel of a type of economic development that I am philosophically opposed to. Not what I would call a good fit. So, if I can’t get that job in the place I want to move to, that’s okay because I still have prospects here.

I might be able to score a job with the city, doing community development, which would let me engage in the kind of economic development that I believe in. Then I could do my job with a clear conscience. It pays better, too.

Alternatively, I might find myself working for my alma mater, running the incubator that I am not allowed to run where I am now. I have spent about five months preparing to do that, so I am uniquely qualified for the job. And it would be kind of fun going back to work there. Besides, I have better than average chances to get hired if I apply for that one.

So, right now, heading into the New Year, I don’t really have plans. But I do have options. Which option I am going to pursue is up in the air for a few months.

Let this be a lesson to you, young grasshoppers. One of the most important qualities you can develop in a lifetime is flexibility. In this life, you have to play the hand you’re dealt and a lot of the time the path you tread will be dependent upon decisions that are out of your hands. Your job is to make the best of whatever you get.

It’s not the destination that matters. Life is the journey.

Like I said, my journey continues.

Happy New Year!