I’ve come back to you once more


We last left our hero and heroine gazing romantically at the sunset over the land of Imperial Tamaeranda, where the good guys had prevailed over the bad guys and all was well with the world.

Or was it?

The first chapter of Children of Chaos is now posted to this blog and has been added to the nav menu over <—- there.

Since this is the sequel and it hasn’t been published, I don’t have any handy-dandy reviews from reputable places to convince you that this is a good book. As a matter of fact, I haven’t quite finished writing it. I’m hoping that you will conclude that the imagination and keyboard skills of the person who brought you The Rise of The Phoenix is likely to come up with another page-turner of a sequel.

As always, please let me know what you think. Feedback makes me happy. Even if you hate it, say so … but then, if you hate it, you have to stop reading it. I will have absolutely no sympathy for you if you come in here each week to tell me how badly the novel sucks when you could simply stop torturing yourself.

Meanwhile … enjoy!

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