I wanna go outside in the rain


I haven’t been in here all week! Egad! Gadzooks! Holy Overscheduling, Batman!

Truth is that I haven’t been in here because I decided to clean house on Monday when I had a day off, Tuesday and Friday at work were just crazy, and Wednesday and Thursday I was at a conference doing professional development and grown up things like that.

Fortunately, Friday also brought my stud muffin with the weekend and I’m feeling much better now.

And now it’s Saturday … and you know what that means, right?

I have another chapter of Children of Chaos for your reading pleasure!

So what to tell you about Chapter 4? Daerus is settling into post-Gaerud life at Shae as cheerfully as he can when he almost immediately stumbles upon a dark mystery.

And then he meets a horse. Oh, and it starts to rain.

It’ll all make sense when you’ve read the chapter.

As always, you feedback, praise, criticism and any other means of alerting me to the fact that somebody is reading this are well come.


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