This is what my living room looked like about 20 years ago — I mean with the kids scattered around their mom while she worked out.

So, the dibs are now in tune and I have bought some things and ordered some other things and I’m rarin’ to go. In fact, Gina and I are kind of in sync here.

Of course, Gina is working on getting back into top form because she is going to try to work her way up to playing professional soccer — or at least, pro-am for now. Where she is going is a whole ‘nother level of badassery.

(And may I just say, as an aside, how incredibly happy it makes me to see that she is finally getting it about how good she is and setting aside all the bullshit poison That Man poured into her head that has been holding her back all these years. I’m not the only one who’s healing.)

But, while I’m not shooting for anything like that, what I am shooting for is still my own level of badassery. I say in “only” want to feel good but that entails quite a lot — everything from being regular to (man)handling my stress.

Not to mention the fact that it gives me something to do while I’m waiting.

I was talking to Gina yesterday and I told her that I was just tired of feeling like a slug. That pretty much says it all.


Everybody is a star