Talkin’ ’bout my generation


The Grand Duke Daerus of Shae sat astride his favorite mount, the coal black stallion Nasaeth, listening to the complaints of one of his tenants. This was the third time this morning that one of the farmers under his protection had voiced this complaint and Daerus was growing weary of it. Nasaeth pranced restlessly, seeming to empathize with the thoughts of his rider, as always, and being at greater liberty to display his boredom.

“It ain’t right, yer Grace,” Tadaeus was saying decisively.

“And what is not right about it?” asked Daerus.

“It ain’t t’ way it’s done, that’s what! I been farmin’ all me life and me father and his father afore him, and I ain’t never had no need to use a contraption like ‘at to till t’earth, sir,” Tadaeus replied.

“Very likely not,” Daerus said with determined patience. “After all, it has only just been crafted.”

“Yes, yer Grace, an’ I’m sure there’s been others as has come up with all kinds of dirsty idees, but I never seen nor heard of any o’ yer Grace’s kin sufferin’ sech fools,” his tenant told him, coming very close to the kind of scolding he would have given a much younger Daerus.

Yes, that’s right. Daerus is now the Grand Duke of Shae as the opening chapter of Part II of Children of Chaos gets started. Quite a lot has changed, quite a lot has not changed a bit but things are moving on.

I hope you enjoy Chapter 7 of Children of Chaos. Here’s where the pace of events starts to pick up.

Happy reading!

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