The things you leave behind


Things are changing at my job and that’s a good thing.

Possibly you’ll remember when I told you about how bored I was with my job because I was waiting for money to happen and that was taking forever. Well, money has happened. The pace of events has picked up. Not only that but I have been granted permission to actually spend some of said money because, as I have been repeatedly pointing out around here, there’s not much point in worrying about bodies in chairs when we haven’t bought the chairs yet.

Well, the chairs are on their way.

Then, too, you may recall that I was feeling exhausted and frustrated because I wanted to do things to help the community and its economy and was continually getting my hands slapped because of rampant fears of mission-creep. The wish I expressed back them, to do this place some good before I leave it, looks like it will come to pass, finally. I am finally getting myself positioned so that I can start implementing the plans I spent so much time working on last fall.

This is pretty exciting.

You know, it’s one thing to design a program that is supposed to help people improve their lot in life and even to convince people to give you money to implement that program. But it’s a completely different animal to get to roll up the sleeves and put all those plans into motion.

Frankly, I’m a little nervous.

This is where I get to live up to my job title. Launch date is mid-September. It’s put-up-or-shut-up time. I have been feeling really good because we have managed to get me a bucket load of money to work with, some of it to outfit the physical space where this workforce training center is located and more of it to implement the initial entry-level training program that our local businesses are telling me they need. So, now that I’ve got these ingredients assembled, I get to see how hard it really is to bake cake.

We’re back to bodies in those soon-to-be-installed chairs.

The nice thing about it is that I can work this program and I can tweak and improve parts that don’t work so well. I have not given up on my long-term goal but, in the meantime, I am hoping to get this set up so that they can hire somebody to replace me who will have to simply run the program because it’s already operating successfully.

On a certain level, I feel a little badly about this. I’m starting all sorts of things in motion that I’m not going to be able to follow through on because I don’t want to live here for much longer and my employers are not paying me enough to make me consider changing my mind. and that’s too bad. We’re even in the process of hiring a new Executive Assistant — sluggish process but we’re getting there — which will free me up to work more exclusively on this fun stuff.

I guess there’s nothing to do here but enjoy it while it lasts … right up until I leave to do funner stuff in a whole different direction.

My life has never stopped being an adventure. That’s one of the things that makes it a thing of beauty.