Pleased to meet you


Happy Saturday, all.

I’m not really neglecting you. I skipped posting a chapter last weekend for two real, honest-to-goodness reasons.

For one thing, I am concerned about catching up with myself because I really don’t write a chapter a week. Depending on whatever else is going on in my life, I might be lucky to get a chapter written in a month. I’m trying not to catch up with myself. I don’t know how successful I’m going to be but I’m trying.

The other reason is that it was ridiculously hot and sticky last weekend, so I spent the weekend laying under my fan reading other people’s books and didn’t turn on my computer all weekend. Some things are just important.

Anyway, back this week and I’m going to be posting a chapter every other week. That way, I really am hoping I don’t get ahead of myself.

This week, we have Chapter 8 of Children of Chaos, during which the party at Shae expands, Daerus has a momentous encounter, and Kera asks penetrating questions.

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