What you see is what you get


Sometimes, when I get a new follower, and after I finish doing the happy dance, I find myself feeling sorry for the hapless fellow blogger.

See, I get new followers in response to specific posts. But, of course, the reality of my blog is that it’s all over the place. I am fairly regularly posting chapters from the sequel to The Rise of The Phoenix, so other writers come follow my blog.

But this isn’t really a writing blog.

Then again, sometimes, I get followers when I start writing about the realizations I have been slowing coming to about the abusive relationship I escaped before I was beyond the crucible, and the abusive criminal I was in that relationship with.

Only, this isn’t really an abuse recovery blog, either.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.

In the final analysis, this blog isn’t really about anything in particular. It doesn’t have a theme. This blog is about me and, while I’m always willing to welcome you to my world, I don’t want you to be disappointed when you get here. Truth in advertising and all that.

So, with all that said … I’ve got another chapter of Children of Chaos available for your reading pleasure. Yes, I know. I just said I was only going to do this every other week instead of every week. Never mind. Someone once said, “Consistency is the defense of a small mind.” I’m not trying to confuse either of us. I felt like giving you a gift. Just my way of wishing you a happy weekend.

In Chapter 9 of Children of Chaos, Rischa the Prophetess more particularly lives up to her name, the Throk make stupid decisions, and Septha the Destroyer learns that Gods, too, can die.

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