That’s Christmas to me

Right now, I am contemplating change.

For example, I note the fact that I have two of the three grad school applications in that I intend to submit in the hopes that I’ll be able to resume my career goals next summer. Getting into grad school will bring some gigantic changes into my life, from the household income to the place where I and my children live to the kinds of hours I keep and the things I do with my days. If I end up at my first choice university, I will be about 620 miles south of where I am right now; there will be more than one kind of climate change in my future.

I am also embarked on a fitness regimen in which my eldest daughter is performing the kindly office of holding my toes to the fire — at least long enough for me to be able to hold my own toes to the fire. Gina took the first set of comparison pictures today — seeing as how it’s #transformationtuesday, which I did not realize — and, while I am not prepared to share those pictures yet, I can say that after only two months … eight weeks … I am able to see a real difference. That is very encouraging.

At the other end of the spectrum, I am contemplating another type of scenery change. As in, maybe it’s time to change the look of this blog.

If that happens, it’ll be on New Year’s Day, of course.

Yes, fans, I do believe it may be time for me to get a little bit of Holiday Spirit going on here. The sudden mood has been engendered in part by the decorating that my daughters did around the house and in part by the fact that it’s December 20th, and that means that showtime is only five days away.

Of course, me being me, my meager amount of Christmas shopping is done. As usual, it’s the end of the year and I’m broke. But I will be able to get each of my four little darlings some little something and that makes me feel good.

And there will be food because it just wouldn’t be Christmas without Mom’s baking. So, baking there will be.

And then, of course, there will be a party in the house on New Year’s Eve. That’s always fun and there will be a little company this New Year’s to make it even better. There will also be snacks and adult beverages to imbibe and share.

Anyway, I’m going through all this long-windedness to say that you should look for a different look around these parts in days to come.

Happy holidays, all!