I just want to relax

One of the more inconvenient things about a new year that begins on a weekend is that there’s not really much to talk about until the work week starts again. At least not for me.

I usually spend my weekends recovering from my weeks. I do as close to nothing at all while remaining as close to in my house as I can. So my weekends don’t exactly make for scintillating reading.

I do feel I should tell you that I have published up to Chapter 13 of Children of Chaos on this blog. I don’t remember the last time I told you that I’d published a new chapter and I sincerely doubt that you have been paying enough attention to know when I do without my having to say so. So, please feel free to head up to the menu above and catch up with the doings of Daerus and company. The plot has thickened after much stirring and we are actually very close to the end of the second installment of what I have decided to call the Chaos and Order trilogy.

It sounds kind of grandiose to me, given that I don’t know if I will ever find a publisher who isn’t me to publish them. I sent them off to a publisher recently but they turned me down because they were pretty certain that the second and third books wouldn’t fit their imprint (because I told them so), and they felt it would be ashamed to break up the story. Anyway, if you know of a publisher that might be interested, let me know. I’m not crazy about it since I have other ideas about what I want to be when I grow up but it would be kind of neat to get the whole trilogy published at some point.

We shall see.

Moving right along, as I mentioned in my penultimate post of the year, my world is going to be dominated by two questions in 2016.

  1. How close to a #fitgirl am I going to be able to get by midyear?
  2. Which graduate program will I enroll in or where will I get a job to enable me to move south later this year?

Along with my endless pondering on these questions, there will be other subject matter. There will be my kids, as there will always be my kids for as long as I draw breath. Because there will be my kids, there will be the various issues they confront and where they are in their own lives. There might be a little bit more about my job — maybe. (You may have noticed that I don’t write much about my job. There is a reason for that. I will only say that discretion is the better part of valor, and leave it at that.) I will try to share more selfies in here, while I work really hard to get over hating all pictures of me the way that I do. And there will be these occasional posts of my writing.

Overall, I would like to spend more time writing in this blog. Maybe, if I say something really interesting, I might inspire some of you to talk back to me, too. That would be fantastic!

So, while I have a lot of ideas about what I’ll be discussing with you this year, I don’t really have anything to start with because today and tomorrow, I’ll be resting. 2016 will start in earnest for me on Monday.

It’s just how I roll.