Let’s try to think up a song while we’re waiting

cat-waitingI do not like winter.

I don’t remember if I ever mentioned this to you or not but I really, really don’t like winter — with its cold and its dark and its short days and going home after sunset. Given that I don’t like winter, I think you’ll probably agree that I live in the wrong part of the world: upstate New York.

I should move, shouldn’t I?

Well, just between us, that’s the plan.

See, I want rather badly to go to graduate school. Specifically, I want rather badly to go to the graduate program in anthropology at the University of North Carolina and study with Professor Rudi Colleredo-Mansfeld. Or, if not there, then I’d like to go to the University of South Carolina to study with Professor Courtney Lewis. I have applied to both schools and I am not waiting to hear from either or both of them. I expect that to happen in February sometime. Possibly even as late as March, especially if I go ahead and submit an application to my #3 school choice of University of Kentucky.

If I don’t get in anywhere, which seems unlikely to me at this point, then I’ll immediately start looking for a job down there. Sometime between March and June, I hope to have found something so that I can move as originally planned, in late June/early July.

All of which simply establishes one thing: I’m waiting for stuff.
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