Don’t dull the sparkle in your eyes

results-to-fitness-addiction I took last week off. I didn’t really mean to but — no excuses, it just worked out that way.

But I made a discovery.

Sometimes, I really do need to take a week off or maybe half a week off. My six-day workout schedule isn’t too much for me at all. But sometimes I get tired. Most days, I get up and go to work and then I come home, do cardio, eat, head to the gym, and then come home and fall into bed. And even so, the fatigue just builds and builds and builds until I start to feel that I could sleep for about three days straight.

That’s when it’s time to take some time off.

The best part about it is that I find I have all kinds of energy and strength to resume my workouts when I do get back to them. I bounce around with the cardio and have a bunch of fun. I work really hard at the strength work, pushing myself and getting the most out of every move. I kill those workouts and it feels really good.

Here’s something else about the time I took off. My friend Larry shared a diet that I’d never heard of but that he’s been using to take of a bit of weight, called the Ferriss Diet. Of course, Larry doesn’t have anywhere near as much weight to lose as I do but still, it has been doing some surprising but great things for me and I’ve only been working this diet for a few days.
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