In my mind I’m gone to Carolina

unc-chapel-hill-generic Well, that’s one question answered. It didn’t even take as long as I thought it was going to.

I got an email yesterday from Professor Colloredo-Mansfeld of the University of North Carolina. It said:

Hi Dawn,

The admissions committee was excited about your application and we are moving ahead with the Graduate College to admit you and put together a funding package!

It is very exciting to have gotten to this point.

It would be helpful if you would give me a call in the next couple of days so that we can talk through things. My cell is [whatitis].

Let me know when might be a good time to talk.


Look at that. The admissions committee was excited about my application! Squeeeee!

I’m almost afraid to even tell anybody about this in case it somehow fails to materialize. After all, I haven’t gotten the formal letter of acceptance yet. But Rudi wouldn’t string me along like that if it wasn’t a done deal.

So, I’ll give him a call on my lunch break or something and see if I can catch him between classes. I’m not sure what he wants to talk to me about but, in light of the fact that I made all my plans around this possibility years ago, I should be able to answer any questions he may ask.

On the other hand, he may suggest to me that I read a couple of books between now and August.

I don’t know if you can tell that I’m pretty thrilled about this. My challenge now will be to avoid being wholly useless in the office between now and my last day of work (which I have already figured out, by the way). I also need to avoid burning any bridges until after I have received and accepted an official offer of admission. Let’s not jump the gun, Dawn.

It’s kind of hard to stop myself from jumping the gun, though. I am, as I said, thrilled to bits about this and, as I also said, I made my plans long, long ago. I’m saving money so I’ll have enough to move with and then some. I’m eyeing places to live. I’m planning a trip down there in April, to look around and maybe meeting with Rudi and talk a bit. The only real difficulty for me right this second is that I have no idea what my income is going to be. Guess I’ll have to wait and find out.

I’m also going to wait until at least next week before I share this news with my employer. I promised them I’d tell them if I got into graduate school. I just hope they don’t dispense with my services prematurely.

But I’ll confess that it’s hard to wait at this point.

In fact, the next six months will be a study in patience. We’ll see how I do.


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