Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky

foto-charlie-brown-y-snoopy I am easily amused.

One of the things I do to amuse myself is that I get my horoscope via email every day. What makes reading my horoscope every day into an amusing thing to do is that it is usually wildly inaccurate.

Most days, what my horoscope says has absolutely nothing to do with my life. Sometimes, though, I have the kind of annoying experience of reading a horoscope that is uncannily right on the mark.

Take a look at the first two sentences of today’s horoscope:

You may feel like you are on an adventurous road, and are excited about the frontiers you are pursuing, Dawn. Unfortunately, it seems that not everyone is as excited about this path as you are.

I’m sorry to have to say this is as accurate as my horoscope ever gets.
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