I’m working out most every day

Trying-the-Hardest So, you should know (in case I haven’t mentioned it) that a large part of the reason for the gym is that Gina is training for tryouts to play semi-professional soccer. Otherwise, I wouldn’t set foot in a gym … I think.

My preferred way of exercising is in the comfort of my own home via the use of my collection of exercise videos. I have a bunch of Jane Fonda workouts (the easiest stuff I’ve got), I’ve got a string of early Tammy Lee Web (various body parts of Steel), I’ve got some really great cardio workouts from the NAC System, and another bunch of workouts from The FIRM®.

Now that Gina has declared that she is going to behave sensibly in light of long work hours and consequent exhaustion, we’re going to be staying home from the gym and working out here. She will work to maintain what she’s got and I’ll work on making some gains until I accompany Gina back to the gym.

Enter The FIRM®.
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