I’m working out most every day

Trying-the-Hardest So, you should know (in case I haven’t mentioned it) that a large part of the reason for the gym is that Gina is training for tryouts to play semi-professional soccer. Otherwise, I wouldn’t set foot in a gym … I think.

My preferred way of exercising is in the comfort of my own home via the use of my collection of exercise videos. I have a bunch of Jane Fonda workouts (the easiest stuff I’ve got), I’ve got a string of early Tammy Lee Web (various body parts of Steel), I’ve got some really great cardio workouts from the NAC System, and another bunch of workouts from The FIRM®.

Now that Gina has declared that she is going to behave sensibly in light of long work hours and consequent exhaustion, we’re going to be staying home from the gym and working out here. She will work to maintain what she’s got and I’ll work on making some gains until I accompany Gina back to the gym.

Enter The FIRM®.

It’s almost four months since I really got back into working out and I’ve been doing a lot of strength work and cardio in that time. I know that I’m much strong than I was back in October when I first started working out again. So, I figured I could go back to the FIRM® and do the workouts without qualms and it wouldn’t be like I’d never done them before or like going back to them after a years long hiatus. I’d get a good workout, I thought, but nothing I can’t handle, right?

So, on Friday, I came home from work, changed and did one of my favorites: Burn and Shape with Master Instructor Emily Walsh. That was when I discovered how wrong I was.

Emily kicked my ass.

In justice to myself, I completed the entire workout, including all those plyos in her second cardio number, without stopping to wheeze or anything like that. And I did the whole thing using weights, instead of going the beginner route to break myself back in.

(When I was done, I told Gina that if she wanted something to really work her legs, she should hit up Emily. Emily loves to jump.)

So, here’s my list of DVDs that I’ll be using to sub out for my trips to the gym:

  • Burn and Shape (Emily)
  • The 500 Calorie Workout (Kelsie)
  • Punch, Jump ‘n Jab (Kelsie)
  • Total Body Time Crunch (Rebekah)
  • Get Chisel’d (Rebekah), and
  • Bootcamp Maximum Calorie Burn (Alison)

On cardio days, in addition to the NAC System workouts (I still really, really love Moderate Intensity and Interval Challenge), I’ll be doing:

  • Cardio Dance Fusion
  • Cardio Overdrive
  • Core Solutions (not cardio but three really nice, short core workouts to supplement cardio)

all of which are lead by the lovely and talented Alison.

Some of these are more difficult than others. For example, anything by Kelsie is a killer, bless her heart. But they are all challenging … at least, they are for me. I’m sure any real #fitgirl who might read this would look at that list of workouts and laugh herself silly. I’m not at that level yet, so I can promise you that these will give me great workouts.

Plus … and this is a thing I really like about them … each different instructor has her own style of movement, so each of them requires me to get used to very different styles of movement. So, even though they all have you doing the more or less same sets of movements (squats and dips and lunges and dead lifts and side lunges and abductions and adductions and plies and bicep curls and dumbell flies and deltoid flies and triceps extensions, basically), it’s fairly easy to keep yourself from reaching a plateau because they are all different in subtle ways.

And my workout on Friday evening showed me that I have lots and lots of room to make progress with these. In fact, Emily showed me that I had already plateaued with what we had been doing because we ended up doing the sequence for almost four months instead of the six weeks we should have done. Now, I’ll be able to really mix it up and that makes for more and better progress.

I’m not going to try to do one of these every day, though. I’ll alternate the cardio-and-sculpt workouts with cardio-and-core. I’m looking to work hard but not exhaust myself.

My date for progress pictures is about two weeks away. Onward!


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