Lunch at half past noon, dinner prompt at 5

dont-diet Gina reminds me fairly often that good health and fitness is 30% exercise and 70% diet.

I’ve had a lot to say in here about my exercising but not much to say about my diet.

I have told you that I am following the Ferriss slow-carb diet, on the recommendation of a good friend. I am finding it to be a rather difficult diet to follow, simply because as soon as I started it, I was craving all kinds of sugar and carbs.

There’s a lot about it that I’ve seen on Pinterest a thousand times. Avoid sodas and fruit juices. Avoid sugar and simple carbs. Drinks buckets of water. Eat lots of dark green, leafy veggies.

Then there are other things that I haven’t seen anywhere else but that I like a lot. Most striking and idiosyncratic is that the diet more or less substitutes legumes for the standard carbs: potatoes, cereals, rice, bread and pasta. I like all of those but I like legumes a lot, too. Best part of this diet for me — since it puts me into the position of having to buy a separate set of groceries in order to follow it — is that legumes are cheap.

I can live with cheap.

Money was one of the things that was making it so difficult for me to follow a decent diet. In spite of my impossible-to-feed young persons, I’ve found something I can afford to do. Now, I’m eating lots of healthy vegetable protein and fiber, I’m losing fat and I’ve got my blood sugar under control. I mean, way under control. I have been able to cut out on the Lantis insulin shots altogether, much to the delight of my doctor. Right now, I’m eagerly awaiting the results of the hemoglobin A1C for which I gave blood on Monday. At that point, we’ll see if my blood sugar has dropped as much as I think/hope it has.

So, even though this diet is relatively hard and a bit of a strain on my self-discipline to follow, it has so far shown itself to be worth it. In other words, this rocks! And I’m thankful for once a week cheat days, believe you me!

Cravings for pasta are just one set of challenges attached to this diet for me. The other challenge is patience. I haven’t been doing this for long enough to establish a rate of weight loss, so I don’t really know how that’s going. I do know that I’m about 20 pounds away from noticeable weight loss and that gets a little discouraging.

This is another case of needing to think of something to do while I’m waiting. It’ll probably be a little while before I’m ready to dash out and buy smaller sized slacks (even though the ones I have are a bit loose on my at this point), so waiting for that is a recipe for frustration. This means I need to ponder a new set of short term goals to keep me on the straight and narrow, moving toward my long-range goals. Hmmmm …

You know, the sad fact of the matter is that it’s easy to get excited about exercise. When you work out, you can see what kind of progress you’ve made since the last time you did that workout. You can see how much heavier you can lift, how much bulkier your muscles are, how much more stamina you have.

But when you eat, you’re just … eating. No endorphins to make you feel good. No obvious, visible progress to befriend you. No such thing as getting better at it.

It’s just food.

Under the circumstances, I guess I’ll have to get myself from week to week and see whether I continue to lose weight or not. In my first ten days on this diet, I dropped 7 pounds. We’ll see how I do after Week Two.

And, in the meantime, I still have my progress pictures to look forward to.


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  1. Dieting is definitely the more boring part of the fitness journey, but it definitely makes the hugest difference. What you put into your body affects what you can put out 🙂 stick with it! You got this!


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