This is the biggest party, man

super-bowl-50 Say, how about those Broncos?

Last night was the first time I’ve had an opportunity to watch the Super Bowl with Gina in her adult life, which was quite a treat. She and Ricky and I snacked and drank adult beverages and enjoyed a really good game. Since I’m going to be moving to North Carolina in a few months, I was naturally rooting for the Panthers, as were my offspring (for reasons about which I did not ask them).

Everyone who watched the game or cares about it at all agrees that it was very much a defensive game. You can say that neither Payton nor Cam was looking particularly good last night but the fact is that it would be kind of unjust to blame the star quarterbacks. The real stars of that game were both defensive squads.

In fact, before the first half had ended, I predicted that the winner of the game would probably be the team that managed to wear out their opponents’ defense first. Of course, that was before I had realized that the Panthers would keep giving the ball to the Broncos. I was disappointed in the Panther offense, I’ll confess. They played such a sloppy game that I would have been astounded if they had won. It would only have been possible if the Broncos had made a collective decision to take a long and peaceful nap about halfway through the third quarter.

Then, too, this is not the first time I have ever seen a young and much-hyped superstar rookie quarterback come into the Superbowl expected to do great things, only to get spanked by a more experienced but still excellent quarterback. (Anybody remember Super Bowl XIX, which pitted media darling Dan Marino against the more experienced Joe Montana?)

It has been many years since I was a regular watcher of the game, so I don’t really know all the players and I can’t recite all the stats like I once could. On the other hand, I still understand the game and have spent a certain amount of time explaining it to Ricky. I want to say he is relatively new in his fandom but he’s still not really a fan. It’s an opportunity for him to hang out with some of us and feel like he’s part of the family.

I’ll take it.

For a variety of reasons into which I will not take you, I missed several of the much-lauded, much-anticipated annual Super Bowl commercials. The ones I saw didn’t leave all that much of an impression on me, either. If you were to ask me which was my favorite, I’d have a hard time even remembering what they were. Probably most memorable were the commercials about Super Bowl Babies, and that’s largely because Gina spent the rest of the night talking about how she was one.

I don’t really know if that’s accurate, since I don’t know the precise date on which she was conceived, but I’m willing to give her that one. Kimmie and David are both football season babies but neither can really make a claim to the title of Super Bowl Baby. Rock that crown, Gina!

The unfortunate thing about Super Bowl Sunday is that it takes a single, allowed cheat day per weekend and makes it into an entire cheat weekend. I will admit that I was very naughty this weekend, which is why I’m planning on taking the straight and narrow with a vengeance over at least the next couple of weeks. I’ll still get my Saturday cheat days but I will completely behave myself during the rest of the week.

I even have my various workouts planned. I have decided that I will continue with strength work on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. That’ll be four FIRM workouts per week to whip my enormous butt into shape. It will also mean that I’m probably going to be sore all the time over the next couple of weeks but I can live with that. Sore indicates progress.

I’ll take that, too.


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  1. It was definitely a defensive game but I agree that Cam’s lack of experience was what led to Carolina’s downfall. Not to knock him for it or anything, because he has a gift. But you can only do so much when you’re up against someone with two extra decades of experience over you at you very first Superbowl.

    Despite the choke-ups, it was still a great game, and I think Cam, once he gets past the grief of loss (I’ve been there), should take the experience as a lesson learned. He’ll be back, that’s for sure, and he’s definitely going to win a ring.

    And being sore all the time is awesome! 😀

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