I got a brand new walk

she-is-going-down So, today is sort of a moment of truth.

When I first moved down here, I wasn’t really thinking about losing weight. Not at first. I gave myself a couple of weeks to unpack and settle in and stuff, catch up on my sleep and all that. Then I started working out, using Jane Fonda to ease my way back into it. After my first workout, I weighed myself and discovered, much to my astonishment, that I had already lost ten pounds since we got down here.

That was last week. I did three days of (mostly) strength workouts and gave myself the weekend off. Another strength workout yesterday and this morning, I got up and did some measurements. So this is where I am right now: Continue reading

Welcome back to that same old place that you laughed about

tone-and-tighten-waiting-for-a-sign I have suddenly realized that my photographer for my progress pictures is in Arizona now. What to do about my progress pictures??? Aurghhh!!!

-ahem- So, I’m now a week into getting back on the fitness treadmill. I didn’t announce the beginning while I was still at the beginning because I’ve noticed that whenever I tell you that I’m about to start working out again, I don’t.

I’m feeling a little sheepish about where I’m starting, though, because I’ve gone allllll the way back to my Jane Fonda videos.

Now, before you start laughing at me, hear me out.
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What’s in this grab bag that I call my mind?

view-from-the-sofa Once upon a time, I lived in the Catskill Mountains, in a little city (town) called Oneonta.

No matter where I was and no matter what I was doing, all I had to do was look out the window to know just where I was. The terrain around Oneonta and in Oneonta is distinct, and I’ve been looking at the same views for close to 20 years.

Now, I’m not in Oneonta anymore. It should come as no surprise that the place I inhabit doesn’t look like the place I used to inhabit. Upstate New York — at least, the part of it that I lived in — was easily distinguishable by the rolling hills and wide, shallow valleys of the Catskills, which you could see from pretty much anywhere you happen to be. The place I live in now doesn’t seem to be in any way distinguishable from anything else.

Observe the view from my living room couch.
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Sharing a drink they call loneliness

lonely-robot_00445841-1 I can hear thunder rumbling outside.

It’s about time for the late afternoon/early evening thundershower down here. It’s hot enough and steamy enough that we get one of these a day. Some days, we get two or more. Once again, I am thankful for my air conditioned townhouse. It would probably be pretty miserable otherwise.

We have been in North Carolina for almost a week. Gina and Kimmie and Frankie have been in Arizona for just about a week. This will be the first Friday Night Fiction Party that I will have to have on my own. Not much of a party, huh?

Yes, I miss them.
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