Welcome back to that same old place that you laughed about

tone-and-tighten-waiting-for-a-sign I have suddenly realized that my photographer for my progress pictures is in Arizona now. What to do about my progress pictures??? Aurghhh!!!

-ahem- So, I’m now a week into getting back on the fitness treadmill. I didn’t announce the beginning while I was still at the beginning because I’ve noticed that whenever I tell you that I’m about to start working out again, I don’t.

I’m feeling a little sheepish about where I’m starting, though, because I’ve gone allllll the way back to my Jane Fonda videos.

Now, before you start laughing at me, hear me out.

I’ve been away from working out for long enough that I can do these videos and get a great workout. They aren’t as intense as my FIRM workouts by any means but I tried one of my easier FIRM workouts and discovered that I’m not ready for those yet. Jane will get me back up to the fitness level I need to be at before I tackle the FIRM.

How can I tell that these videos aren’t a waste of my time? Well, I did one of them (Complete Workout) yesterday and I am sore today. Not so sore that I can’t move but sore enough that I know these workouts are doing what they are supposed to be doing. You might laugh Jane Fonda off as wimpy and not effective but I maintain that if you are at this level, then her workouts are as effective as anything else out there. And I’ll grant you that some of the tapes in my collection are 30 years old but that’s the nice thing about a good workout. It’s ageless (even if the outfits aren’t).

Besides all that, one of my favorite things about the Jane Fonda workouts is that they focus pretty heavily on flexibility, which is something none of my other favorite workout do. Probably as a result of my background in ballet, flexibility is very important to me. Even when I was at my heaviest, I was still pretty limber and I want to stay that way. I also recognize that, as I get older, I need to keep myself stretched out to help me avoid a lot of the injuries that older women are often prone to.

Besides, I like stretching. I like taking my time over a good stretch. It feels good. You should try it sometime.

Next week, I hope to train one of my sons — probably Ricky — to act as my photographer and maybe we’ll get some usable pictures out of the deal. I might even be able to get Gina to create one of those nifty comparison shots that she made for me before. We’ll see. And if I’m feeling really brave, I’ll take measurements and share them with you.

That’s probably more important than I’ve been giving it credit for because it’s important to be able to see measurable progress. That’s not going to happen if you don’t get some numbers before you get started, which you can compare to more numbers once you have been going along for a while. That kind of measurable progress can keep you going.

I’m glad I gave myself some downtime before classes start to settle into this house and to get back into the habit of working out every day. I feel good.