You make me smile again

fitness-motivation-progress Alrighty, fans, are we ready?

It’s Transformation Tuesday time and I can say right up front that I’m happy with the progress I’ve made in August.

I faithfully have been working out at least four days a week and sometimes six days a week. Not sure I can keep up with the six days, though. Grad school classes have started for me and I don’t want to exhaust myself. As advertised, I began with my Jane Fonda workouts and, also as advertised, when they started to seem … how do I want to put this? … ineffective, I would up the ante to my FIRM workouts.

And that’s how it has worked out. Last week, I did two FIRM workouts on Monday and Friday with another Jane workout in between, on Wednesday. I’m going to do that again this week, and add cardio days in between. Continue reading


You’ve come to let me know there are miracles

3 It’s David’s birthday!

It seems I usually have things to say on David’s birthday. And that makes sense. With the birth of David, I entered the realm of the parent. I became a Mom.

I vividly remember having not the least clue about bringing up babies. I remember hoping when he was still in utero that he would be a girl because I grew up in an all female household and I didn’t know how to do boys.

And then he was born, and it all seemed so easy.

He was born one day after he was due. I was in labor with him for about eight hours, and it only took me 45 minutes to push him out. As I recall, his Apgar score was 8. When I got him home, he had no trouble at all with nursing and I had no trouble at all with any of the mechanics involved — nipples, oxytosin, or milk. He hit all his physical milestones at or before the average. Physically, he was textbook perfect.
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I gotta try once

older-fitness-fem (This picture is not me. Just sayin’.)

I sometimes think that Sammy (Cat #1) tries to punish me by sitting in my dining room chair and refusing to move.

Why would she be longing to punish me? I don’t know. Maybe I don’t change the cat litter often enough? Maybe I don’t pet her enough? Maybe she’s mad because Chai (Cat #2) is allowed to sit on my desk but she is not? (She is not allowed to sit on my desk because when she does sit on my desk, she get all up in my grill and screams for pets, whereas Chai has figured out how to sit/lie on my desk without getting in my way. Smart Chai.)

Whatever. When I really need that chair, I just dump her out of it. Sometimes I have to dump her multiple times before she gets it that I want to use it. I don’t think she’ll ever be a Nobel Prize-winning cat.

But never mind that. (What am I thinking, wasting your time nattering away about my cats???)
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.. And watching what I eat

homemade-bread I’m not really into dieting. As much as I can, I am inclined to keep my carb intake to a minimum because of the diabetes. At the same time, I like to eat clean because I find that the things I make, including the carbs, tend to be a lot more filling, so I eat less of it.

Like bread, for example.

Have you ever taken a look at the list of ingredients on bread? All that stuff they put in it and it is still flimsy stuff. Since I’ve been here in North Carolina, one of the things I have done has been to revive my breadmaking. I make bread two loaves at a time and that much bread lasts me a lot longer than two loaves of store bought bread. That just because it’s so much more filling that the boys don’t wolf it down in a day and a half. And there’s only seven things in it:

milk (2 cups)
butter (2 tablespoons)
sugar (3 tablespoons)
salt (1 tablespoon)
water (1/2 cup)
yeast (1 envelop or 2-1/4 teaspoons)
flour (about 6 cups)

No unpronounceable chemicals or preservatives. Nothing, to riff off Michael Pollan, that my grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.
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