Things ain’t what they used to be

non-scale-victories My body is forcing me to take the day off, as far as my workout schedule goes.

Imagine trying to work out with a gastrointestinal bug that has stuff coming out both ends of you. Not a pretty picture, is it? I am not inclined to argue with my body in circumstances like these. There’s a chance that I’m going to head out for ginger ale and crackers later. Maybe. Otherwise, I’ll just feed the boys and then crawl into bed.

It’s annoying, though. Just when I was about to up the ante.

I am still losing weight, though. In fact, I promised you pictures and pictures you shall have.

frontal_July_2016 The first picture here is from October 2015, when I first started this fitness adventure. I was a mess. Having serious trouble sticking with a fitness routine, too, until Gina whipped me into shape … sort of … when she came home from Mexico.

You can tell from that face that I was very unhappy with myself.

The second picture is from the end of July 2016. It’s kind of amazing to me because I’ve gone through so many fits and starts and hiccups that I’m a bit surprised how much progress I’ve made. I said I was going to go with my elderly Jane Fonda videos until I got into better shape but I’m about ready to add some FIRM workouts to the mix. I have a yet to push myself a bit. I can always pull back if it starts to look like I’m going to hurt myself or something.

side_July_2016 There are a lot of things I can say about Jane Fonda workouts, in terms of how challenging they aren’t … at least, they’re good to get started but they aren’t the best for the weight work that really sweats the pounds off. However, I’ll say this much: I just love how fast they tighten up the abs!

Right now, I’m wearing a tee shirt that Gina gave me. It used to be a little too tight around the arms, a little too snug around the ribs. Now, it’s lose, lose, lose and ready to just about fall off me. It’s not just the numbers on the scale. It’s the way my clothes are already fitting me differently. My goal is still pretty far away but I’m liking what I’m seeing so far. That’s why I get a little impatient when I get sick so I can’t workout. Results can be a fierce motivator, am I right?

So, I’m going to hope that I feel better tomorrow because I already hate to miss a Monday, and I really don’t want to miss too many days in a row. Besides, I have things to do tomorrow and they have to get done!

(Looking at these pictures, I’m seeing that it’s hard to tell how much tighter the abs are because the more recent pictures are overly bright. Hmmmm … I’ll have to correct for that when I take my August pictures.)

Shout out to Gina, who got me started — even if I have had a lot of trouble sticking with it for more than 3 months at a time. I’m still going, G! And it’s finally paying off. That’s the best part. That’s the part that keeps me going.