I gotta try once

older-fitness-fem (This picture is not me. Just sayin’.)

I sometimes think that Sammy (Cat #1) tries to punish me by sitting in my dining room chair and refusing to move.

Why would she be longing to punish me? I don’t know. Maybe I don’t change the cat litter often enough? Maybe I don’t pet her enough? Maybe she’s mad because Chai (Cat #2) is allowed to sit on my desk but she is not? (She is not allowed to sit on my desk because when she does sit on my desk, she get all up in my grill and screams for pets, whereas Chai has figured out how to sit/lie on my desk without getting in my way. Smart Chai.)

Whatever. When I really need that chair, I just dump her out of it. Sometimes I have to dump her multiple times before she gets it that I want to use it. I don’t think she’ll ever be a Nobel Prize-winning cat.

But never mind that. (What am I thinking, wasting your time nattering away about my cats???)

There’s a thing I’ve noticed about my fellow fitness friends. Sometimes I get likes and follows from other bloggers who are into fitness or are trying to lose weight or coping with diabetes or have some other reason for paying attention to how healthy their lifestyle choices might be. I think that’s really cool and I love bonding with my fellow bloggers over that sort of thing.

So what did I notice? I seem to be a lot older than they are. [insert embarrassed noises here]

Most of those fitness or diet bloggers are in their 20s. I’ve come across a few who are more elderly — in their 30s.

I, on the other hand, am fifty-seven years old. I have children who are in their 20s; 75% of them, in fact.

So I am sending out an invitation: hey there, all you older fitness bloggers! I can’t be the only person in their 40s or 50s or 60s who is out here on the fitness journey, discovering that endorphins are the fountain of youth, and sensible, clean eating is your friend! I would love, love, love to hear from you if you out there. Come on in and say ‘hi!’

When we last visited our intrepid middle-aged fitness wanna-be, she was talking about upping the ante. I think I also promised to pull back if it looked like I was going to hurt myself.

Well, I didn’t hurt myself. But … You know how sometimes you can do a workout that you can “get through,” but it doesn’t really do you any good because you don’t really kill it like you want to? Maybe you don’t have the endurance yet or maybe you need to strengthen you muscles a bit more. For whatever reason, any sense of accomplishment that you might have had from simply finishing the damned workout is eaten up in the feeling that just getting from the opening workout to the final stretch took so much out of you that you weren’t able to put your all into it.

Last weekend, I did the 500 Calorie Workout. That’s a FIRM workout with Master Instructor Kelsie. If you know anything about the FIRM and if you are at all familiar with Kelsie in general and/or with that workout in particular, you probably know what’s coming. And even if you don’t, any workout that promises to make you burn 500 calories should probably be approached with caution when up until now you’ve been doing Jane Fonda workouts.

I’ve done this workout often enough in days of yore to have it more or less memorized, so I know when the really challenging stuff is coming. And I got myself through all of it. But I was cautious. I used lighter weights. I did the cardio sections at mostly low impact. I got through the whole thing … and ended up feeling like I didn’t try hard enough.

That’s annoying. And frustrating. And unmotivating — if that’s a word. Or even if it’s not.

So I pulled back some. I’m doing Jane for strength stuff and I have started doing NAC System cardio workouts. I’m working hard and feeling like I’m working hard. But I’m not frustrating myself by doing workouts that I’m just not ready for yet.

And maybe, if I’m feeling like I have the energy, I’ll do something else more challenging … just not some hyper-intense workout that wants to make me burn 500 calories. That’s just a setup for failure and makes me sound like I’ll never win a Nobel Prize for anything, either.

Well, the odds are that I won’t and that’s okay. But when it comes to my fitness journey, there’s no sense in giving myself excuses.

Nope, not going there. I’m still striding towards my goals and feeling good while I’m doing it.

5 thoughts on “I gotta try once

    • Welcome, Nick!

      Your story is really inspiring. I hope I can take off the weight and keep it off like you have. We’ll see how I do without keto first. The discipline that seems to be required is a little intimidating. But maybe I’ll try it down the road.

      Thanks for stopping by.


      • You’re welcome. Yes, the discipline is the killer for most people but as you can see, the rewards are just amazing! Complete strangers come up to me and ask “what’s your secret man”??, most of them much younger than me. This is inspiration enough for me to keep going, quite apart from the fact I feel terrific! 😉👍🏻

        I wish you luck!


  1. Hi Dawn, I am indeed younger than you (33) and i totally understand that you want to connect with others at the same stage as you, but anyway, I can’t change my age to fit! I think you are doing brilliantly. Keep it up!

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    • Hi Slimming!

      I hope I’m not coming across as ageist. Just trying to smoke out some folks who are closer to my age. Either way, I’m glad you stopped by and even gladder that you paused to say ‘hello.’

      Thanks for the support!


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