Keep on truckin’

you-got-hot Yesterday was supposed to be Transformation Tuesday but I just couldn’t get myself in here to update you. And I can’t think of a synonym for transformation that starts with a “w”, in order to keep up the aliterative theme.

But never mind all that silliness. It’s the last week in September and that means it’s time for a progress post.

I’m not posting a picture this month because Ricky needs to work a bit more on his picture taking skills. This is only one of the many reasons why I miss my girls; either of them could have taken the pictures I need with no problem at all. Oh well … he has until the end of October.

So, the first thing you’ll be able to see from the table below is that the juggernaut has slowed. I didn’t lose as much weight last month as I did the previous two months. I was kind of liking that 10 pounds a month, too. This month, we’ve been short of food, though and that has had its inevitable effect.

I suspect my body has gone into starvation mode, which is what your body does when it thinks the harvest is bad this year and it wants to conserve and store fat because it thinks food is going to be scarce. Since I get paid on Friday, my body will soon be disabused of its misapprehension but it means that I’ve lost less weight than I wanted to this month and it makes it pretty likely that before I start losing again, I’m going to gain a bit when food is back in the house. Continue reading

Be ever wonderful

love-good-need Have you ever looked around you and realized that you were in the perfect place for your interests, your ambitions, your comfort, your enjoyment, your everything?

Let me tell you, it’s pure bliss.

Week Three of graduate school and I feel like I spent two years in exile, working in a job I was not the least bit interested in (they were nice people but … ), and now … I’ve come home.

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing about this that is easy. I have staggering amounts of reading to do from week to week. A hundred pages for this class, a hundred pages for that class, two hundred pages for this other class over here. Because of all the reading, it feels like I live, eat and dream about anthropology. This is not a bad thing. Continue reading

You smiled at me and really eased the pain

5 It’s Kimmie’s birthday!

Kimmie and David have birthdays that are closer together than any of their other siblings. They are only three weeks apart. Gina doesn’t get older for another couple of months, in late November and Ricky is all by himself in distant May.

Under the circumstances, it seemed only fair that seven-year-old David got to choose her name. Well, her first name. Her middle name runs in my family; a string of younger daughters have the middle name Renee. Looking back, I realize that name, which means “rebirth”, is perfect for her.

The fact that Kimmie’s birthday is today was not a matter of choice for her. She was late so I elected to have the doctors induce labor. That, I am suddenly realizing as I sit here typing this, caused all kinds of problems. Since we induced labor, the baby wasn’t really in the right position for labor. Because of the ways in which the doctors tried to deal with that situation, she ended up with a paralyzed arm and I wound up with 22 stitches.

Ow. Continue reading