My dreams looking like reality

set-goals-smash-them I did it! I did it! I did it!

I just finished my Saturday cardio workout, and that makes a whole week of alternating cardio/strength and just cardio. You might not think that’s something to get excited about but it has been a difficult milestone to reach.

You’ll recall that when we last left our intrepid fitness wanna be (i.e., me), she was complaining about how she kept intending to add cardio routines on days when she wasn’t doing strength work.

I would do a strength workout on Monday and then maybe I’d do a cardio on Tuesday and another strength workout on Wednesday. Then for some reason, Id be exhausted on Thursday so I’d take the day off. On Friday, I’d do another strength workout. And I would take off for the whole weekend. But I decided that wasn’t good enough anymore. This is what I wrote: “That will be my goal for October. I’ve been working out about four days a week. I want to up that to six days a week and I want to add those cardio days between the strength work.”

Well, guess what?

First full week of October and I have already reached that goal — at least, I did for this week. Although that’s saying something because I’ve been particularly tired this week.

We’re about halfway through the semester. I had two papers due for my core courses; I have finished and submitted one of them and I’ve been hard at work on the second one over the past day or two. Plus I’ve had recitations to teach, and core classes to lead discussion in, and we haven’t had a break of any kind since Labor Day.

Well, of course I’m tired!

I’m not sure what happened. Maybe I just said to myself, “Enough with the excuses, hon. If you want to do this, then you need to do this.” I’m usually home by 4pm and that’s on my late days. So, I would come in and head straight upstairs to change. Once I’m in the workout clothes, getting myself to actually work out is a piece of cake. At that point, I am usually jumping around the living room before dinner.

This morning, it wouldn’t have surprised me to have decided to skip the workout. The outer edges of Hurricane Matthew is pouring down on my roof and the house has been dark and gloomy all day. This is the kind of day that you curl up on the couch with popcorn and hot chocolate, and decide which way New York City should get destroyed today (my choices are The Day After Tomorrow or Independence Day or The Avengers). I still might decide to stop reading early 20th century sociology in favor of one trashy movie or another.

Anyway, today I came downstairs in my workout duds and primed the television set and the DVD player. Five hours later, I finally did my workout. But I did it! And that makes my first six-day workout week in a long time.

I’ll give myself the day off tomorrow and wander around my house feeling weird because I’m not working out.

I feel better and better every day.

I hope your fitness journey is making you feel good, too.


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