I just keep on trying

never-quit I am excited.

In less than a week, I’ll be boarding a plane to fly out to Arizona to visit with my daughters. While I’m there, I’ll make an opportunity to take a run over to Las Vegas to visit with Gina’s godmother, who has been a friend for 40 years (wow! @__@) and is one of my favorite people on the planet.

I will also get to meet the significant others of both my daughters. I gather they are both a tiny bit nervous but I know it will be fine. Truth to tell, I’m a tiny bit nervous, too.

It’ll be good.

I’m also excited because I’ll get to register for fall classes a couple of weeks after I get back from Arizona.

What’s exciting about registering for fall classes? In the fall, I’ll be a second year. My cohort will no longer be the noobs in the department.

During my second year, I’ll be working on my first major piece of academic writing, in preparation for which I will be conducting ethnographic research in the Durham and Chapel Hill area this summer.

I will formulate my first committee, composed of three faculty members, probably 60% of my doctoral committee, which will be formed a year later.

And I will emerge from all that with a Master’s Degree … the first concrete milestone on the way to my Ph.D.

Hell, yeah, I’m excited! Wouldn’t you be? Of course, you would!

The one thing I’m not excited about is that I have put quite a lot of the weight back on.

Sad face.

I’m back on my diabetes meds, which is a good thing, and while it would be easy to blame the meds for the reversal of my weight loss, I’m not going to give myself such an easy way out. The fact of the matter is that since I’ve been back on my meds, I’ve spent a lot of days eating like I was stupid and not even trying to fight the cravings. (I don’t know what it is about being insulin resistant and taking medication that makes you — or at least, makes me — crave sugar up the yinyang, but so it is.)

The other thing is that my schedule is my enemy this semester. I have three days of the week when I don’t get home until after 5pm. On the weeks that I teach, it’s even worse: all my recitations are on Friday, I start at 8am and I finish at 6pm or so. Working out late evening just doesn’t work for me; believe me, I’ve tried it. So, keeping up with the fitness bit has been a real struggle.

In an effort not to put any more weight on, I have been doing a 30-Day Challenge. Well, two really: full body and abs, moderate level. I get a decent workout and it only takes me about 10 minutes (not even!) each to do them. I’m also going to pledge, here and now, to stop being so brain dead about what and how much I’m eating.

My blood sugar was ridiculously high when I got back on the meds. It’s getting back to reasonable levels now but my blood glucose is yet another good reason for me to refrain from eating like I’m stupid.

I haven’t taken any measurements lately but I can tell you that I gained back more than 15 pounds. Eek! Don’t want to waste time beating up on myself, I just need to get back with the program. Onward!

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