I’m alive!

Wow. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

The last time I told you anything was more than six months ago. I have a little catching up to do.

So, all things went well eventually and I now have a Master’s Degree in anthropology. All of that involvement in the department got me a thing called the Honigmann Graduate Prize in Sociocultural Anthropology, as well. It wouldn’t pay a month’s rent but it looks good on my CV.

I am doing a bit of toe-tapping right now as I wait for money that is coming to me to hit my bank account. Once that happens, I’ll be able to make arrangements for a trip to Spain to do a bit of preliminary research. This stuff will probably net me and conference presentation, a journal publication, and a post-doc project.

And I am now a third-year.

That’s a little bit like being a senior. Final year of coursework. At the end of the 2018-19 academic year, I will be ABD (all but dissertation) with nothing left to do but complete my fieldwork and write my dissertation. But the experiences of this academic year have been excellent for me in a lot of ways.

I have learned quite a lot about teaching anthropology, which I am eager to put into practice.

I have had the experience of defending my thesis, so that defending my dissertation — or even taking my comprehensives — won’t be quite as terrifying.

Frankly, the hardest thing about third year is going to be finding courses to take.

Well, and I have two primary tasks to accomplish during my third year. The first task is to find and apply for as many dissertation fieldwork grants as I can find. The second task is to prepare for my comps.

I expect I am not going to be quite as calm about all this in the fall as I am right now.

Right now, I’m looking forward to my trip to Spain and the fieldwork I’ll do there. And to running myself ragged for a second summer doing rideshare driving.

You do what you gotta do.