I can see the red tail lights heading to Spain

Right now, I am in Spain. This is the view from the balcony outside my bedroom. It really is pretty.

You may recall that I was stressing out about it a little because of money and waiting and stuff. (After giving birth to four children, you’d think I’d be better at waiting than I am.) Well, that source of stress is done and I am here — with other sources of stress.

I fully comprehend the ease and comfort that can come with having lots and lots of money to travel with … or, alternatively, getting somebody else to foot the bill.

For this trip, I flew into Madrid and took a 7 hour train ride from there to San Sebastian. Then I hopped on the Basque metro and got myself out here to Errenteria, where my Airbnb host is located.

I was quite proud of myself for figuring all that out.

But it amounted to 28 hours of travel, más o menos, and I’ve spent the last day and a half recovering from my consequent exhaustion.

Fortunately, that’s not all I’m doing. I’ve already been able to start setting up some interviews for my research and I’ll get started on those first thing Monday morning. I’m really excited about that.

(It’s tempting to write all this in Spanish;; I’ve been hearing and reading a lot of Spanish since I’ve been here, enough to convince me that I don’t know the language at all.)

I have already been able to make some interesting observations just from being here and looking around. That’s really cool.

My host in a very nice man, who is as beautiful as so many Spaniards seem to be and crazy tall. He fed me a wonderful potato salad concoction this evening: potatoes, tuna, peas, white aparagus, hard boiled eggs, in a mayonnaise dressing. I am totally going to try making myself some of that when I get home; it was delicioso! (Yes, Gina, even in Spanish. 🙂 )

In the three times I have been to this country, I almost never see fat people. No doubt it has to do with the way they eat.

This is no doubt sounding like a travelogue entry but that’s mainly because I haven’t started working yet. I’ll be doing that, as I said, next week. Meanwhile, I’m going to relax and enjoy this pretty place.

And take good notes.