Shake it up

Hello, World!

So, I promised you a fitness update and then left you hanging, didn’t I?

Well, I have learned three important things:

First, Body Groove rocks. I love the workouts, I love the dancing and the music is terrific. The leader of the workouts, Misty Tripoli, is fun and funny and simply stellar. I recommend these workouts to anybody who is bored or looking for something a little easier or just looking to shake things up.

Second, and as much fun as Body Groove is, it’s not enough for me. It’s easy to do the workouts because they are a lot of fun to do — it seems to me that I said that before — but I miss the strength work I used to do. So, I am sticking with Body Groove but I will use it to mix up my exercise regimen.

Third, and probably most important, you can’t just exercise if you want to lose weight.


Yeah, I should probably mention that I don’t like diets. I like clean eating but I really hate calorie-counting. But that doesn’t mean that I can ignore what I eat and simply rely on exercise if I want to take the weight back off and reach my fitness goals.

(I know perfectly well that you all know this. Forgive me for stating the obvious and bear with me.)

So, there are three eating principles that I need to discipline myself to follow.

First, only eat when you’re hungry.

I have been amazed at the number of times I have found myself reaching for food only to stop and ask myself if I’m actually hungry and discover that I’m not. Which brings us to our second eating principle.

Portion size matters.

It really doesn’t matter that I’m eating fresh, healthy foods if I pile my plate so high that I might has well have a slice of cake. I mean, the healthy foods will do whole bunches of things for my body that have nothing to do with calories and weight gain/loss, I recognize that, but there is still such thing as eating too much even when what you’re eating is ostensibly good for you.

Third, recognize that you’re an emotional eater and deal with it accordingly.

I want to say that life is stressful when you’re a graduate student but the fact is that lift is stressful. Period. And we all have our baggage, our mental health issues that we need to be addressing if we are taking good care of ourselves.

I realized, relatively recently, that I was fooling myself. I am seeing a therapist, because I have a lot of crucible-related stuff I still need to work through. But what I didn’t notice at first was that I would come home from sitting her her office crying about stuff and I would spend the rest of the day eating.

Well, that’s not good.

Interestingly, since I have noticed these things about the way that I eat, I have found it is a matter of real discipline to make myself more mindful about how I eat. That is my current challenge.

Watch this space.