I can almost touch you

So, I gave you a fitness update on the Adventures of Dawn but there’s the school update, too.

The news here is all good. Which means this is going to be a very short post.

I don’t actually know how many of you glorious people out there know anything about the process of getting a Ph.D. but basically the story is that I have now been admitted to Candidacy.

My status is ABD, which stands for All But Dissertation.

What all this means in plain English is that I have completed my coursework, I have completed all other requirements, and I have taken and passed my written and oral comprehensive exams.

All I have left to do now is do my research and write my dissertation … “all” being a relative term. I’m still a good two years away from the actual hooding but those two things — research and writing — are the last two things to check off my to-do list on my way to my doctorate.


Of course, I still have to get through the rest of this semester. That means finishing my portfolio for the course I’m taking in Teaching Anthropology. I also have to put together an annotated bibliography for one of my reading courses. That’s the easy stuff.

I also have a mountain of grading awaiting me. Oh joy.

But I will be finished with absolutely everything within the next three weeks. Then I can really get started!

For the record, I’m still waiting to hear about the grants I applied for, so plans might have to change, depending on the funding situation. But that’s a pretty minor issue.

My goal is in sight! That’s the exciting part.

I am appropriately excited.