Pleased to meet you


Happy Saturday, all.

I’m not really neglecting you. I skipped posting a chapter last weekend for two real, honest-to-goodness reasons.

For one thing, I am concerned about catching up with myself because I really don’t write a chapter a week. Depending on whatever else is going on in my life, I might be lucky to get a chapter written in a month. I’m trying not to catch up with myself. I don’t know how successful I’m going to be but I’m trying.

The other reason is that it was ridiculously hot and sticky last weekend, so I spent the weekend laying under my fan reading other people’s books and didn’t turn on my computer all weekend. Some things are just important.

Anyway, back this week and I’m going to be posting a chapter every other week. That way, I really am hoping I don’t get ahead of myself.

This week, we have Chapter 8 of Children of Chaos, during which the party at Shae expands, Daerus has a momentous encounter, and Kera asks penetrating questions.

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Talkin’ ’bout my generation


The Grand Duke Daerus of Shae sat astride his favorite mount, the coal black stallion Nasaeth, listening to the complaints of one of his tenants. This was the third time this morning that one of the farmers under his protection had voiced this complaint and Daerus was growing weary of it. Nasaeth pranced restlessly, seeming to empathize with the thoughts of his rider, as always, and being at greater liberty to display his boredom.

“It ain’t right, yer Grace,” Tadaeus was saying decisively.

“And what is not right about it?” asked Daerus.

“It ain’t t’ way it’s done, that’s what! I been farmin’ all me life and me father and his father afore him, and I ain’t never had no need to use a contraption like ‘at to till t’earth, sir,” Tadaeus replied.

“Very likely not,” Daerus said with determined patience. “After all, it has only just been crafted.”

“Yes, yer Grace, an’ I’m sure there’s been others as has come up with all kinds of dirsty idees, but I never seen nor heard of any o’ yer Grace’s kin sufferin’ sech fools,” his tenant told him, coming very close to the kind of scolding he would have given a much younger Daerus.

Yes, that’s right. Daerus is now the Grand Duke of Shae as the opening chapter of Part II of Children of Chaos gets started. Quite a lot has changed, quite a lot has not changed a bit but things are moving on.

I hope you enjoy Chapter 7 of Children of Chaos. Here’s where the pace of events starts to pick up.

Happy reading!

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I’ve been walking for three days and two lonely nights …


Well! We haven’t done this for quite awhile, have we?

What can she be talking about? you may be wondering.

Well, it’s tempting to toy with you but I will ‘fess up at once and tell you that I have finally posted Chapter 6 of Children of Chaos.

Of course, it’s been so long since I posted those first five chapters that you might want to head back to the beginning and refresh your memory about where we last left our heroes.

In this chapter, we return to the motley group of wanderers we met back in Chapter 1. They seem to be converging upon the Shae estates and, more specifically, upon Daerus, and they are meeting up with their friends among the Brethren of Luegtha along the way. Meanwhile, Her Grace of Shae wonders what is ailing her son and goes to Phoebus for information, and Kera continues her conversation with Septha.

Just so you know, I plan to return to weekly chapter posts. I’m nearing the end of the second book of this story and will soon be ready to embark on the third and final book in this series, which will be called The Chosen One.

Happy Reading!

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I’ll be there

It’s a sad, sad day when a writer thinks/feels/believes/says they have nothing left to say.

For awhile, that’s probably what it looked like to you, my dear readers, when I just stopped writing. But you know that couldn’t possibly be true. If anything, I have had so much to say that I haven’t known where to start. Then there’s that peculiar dilemma when you have a personal blog and you want to share yourself and your life from anybody who is kind enough to select themselves as one of your readers but on the other hand, there is privacy and you don’t want to necessarily just put yourself out there for the entire Internet to read …

Self censorship is the hardest kind — or, to say the inverse, while I’m trying to figure out how much to say, it becomes much simpler to simply say nothing.

Kimmie has come home. She had excellent reasons for it that do not involve abuse by her significant other or anything else dreadful or dramatic. She made it official a few days ago when she brought Clyde back to my house. That’s the thing with Kimmie. She lives wherever her cat is.
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