Just let me know you


One of the many things my blog is not is a writing blog. (Highly awkward construction, yes?)

In fact, it’s pretty rare for me to talk about my writing in here at all. I tell you about what I have written, which makes sense since I’ve been posting it a chapter at a time, but I don’t discuss the process of writing much at all.

If you knew me in real life, you would find my conversation to be quite the contrast. Well … you might, if you wanted to talk to me about writing. My daughter Kimmie is a much more prolific writer than I am and we discuss writing all the time, often in highly technical terms. In my life at home, I am very much a writer.

(Nice to meet you.)

We discuss transitions, and how we select points of view, and the pros and cons of filler scenes, and the ins and outs of various different literary genres, and our differing techniques for characterization, and style and plot and voice and tenor and … and which scene we’re stuck, why we’re stuck and best methods for getting unstuck.
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What you see is what you get


Sometimes, when I get a new follower, and after I finish doing the happy dance, I find myself feeling sorry for the hapless fellow blogger.

See, I get new followers in response to specific posts. But, of course, the reality of my blog is that it’s all over the place. I am fairly regularly posting chapters from the sequel to The Rise of The Phoenix, so other writers come follow my blog.

But this isn’t really a writing blog.

Then again, sometimes, I get followers when I start writing about the realizations I have been slowing coming to about the abusive relationship I escaped before I was beyond the crucible, and the abusive criminal I was in that relationship with.

Only, this isn’t really an abuse recovery blog, either.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.

In the final analysis, this blog isn’t really about anything in particular. It doesn’t have a theme. This blog is about me and, while I’m always willing to welcome you to my world, I don’t want you to be disappointed when you get here. Truth in advertising and all that.

So, with all that said … I’ve got another chapter of Children of Chaos available for your reading pleasure. Yes, I know. I just said I was only going to do this every other week instead of every week. Never mind. Someone once said, “Consistency is the defense of a small mind.” I’m not trying to confuse either of us. I felt like giving you a gift. Just my way of wishing you a happy weekend.

In Chapter 9 of Children of Chaos, Rischa the Prophetess more particularly lives up to her name, the Throk make stupid decisions, and Septha the Destroyer learns that Gods, too, can die.

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Pleased to meet you


Happy Saturday, all.

I’m not really neglecting you. I skipped posting a chapter last weekend for two real, honest-to-goodness reasons.

For one thing, I am concerned about catching up with myself because I really don’t write a chapter a week. Depending on whatever else is going on in my life, I might be lucky to get a chapter written in a month. I’m trying not to catch up with myself. I don’t know how successful I’m going to be but I’m trying.

The other reason is that it was ridiculously hot and sticky last weekend, so I spent the weekend laying under my fan reading other people’s books and didn’t turn on my computer all weekend. Some things are just important.

Anyway, back this week and I’m going to be posting a chapter every other week. That way, I really am hoping I don’t get ahead of myself.

This week, we have Chapter 8 of Children of Chaos, during which the party at Shae expands, Daerus has a momentous encounter, and Kera asks penetrating questions.

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Talkin’ ’bout my generation


The Grand Duke Daerus of Shae sat astride his favorite mount, the coal black stallion Nasaeth, listening to the complaints of one of his tenants. This was the third time this morning that one of the farmers under his protection had voiced this complaint and Daerus was growing weary of it. Nasaeth pranced restlessly, seeming to empathize with the thoughts of his rider, as always, and being at greater liberty to display his boredom.

“It ain’t right, yer Grace,” Tadaeus was saying decisively.

“And what is not right about it?” asked Daerus.

“It ain’t t’ way it’s done, that’s what! I been farmin’ all me life and me father and his father afore him, and I ain’t never had no need to use a contraption like ‘at to till t’earth, sir,” Tadaeus replied.

“Very likely not,” Daerus said with determined patience. “After all, it has only just been crafted.”

“Yes, yer Grace, an’ I’m sure there’s been others as has come up with all kinds of dirsty idees, but I never seen nor heard of any o’ yer Grace’s kin sufferin’ sech fools,” his tenant told him, coming very close to the kind of scolding he would have given a much younger Daerus.

Yes, that’s right. Daerus is now the Grand Duke of Shae as the opening chapter of Part II of Children of Chaos gets started. Quite a lot has changed, quite a lot has not changed a bit but things are moving on.

I hope you enjoy Chapter 7 of Children of Chaos. Here’s where the pace of events starts to pick up.

Happy reading!

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