What’s in this grab bag that I call my mind?

view-from-the-sofa Once upon a time, I lived in the Catskill Mountains, in a little city (town) called Oneonta.

No matter where I was and no matter what I was doing, all I had to do was look out the window to know just where I was. The terrain around Oneonta and in Oneonta is distinct, and I’ve been looking at the same views for close to 20 years.

Now, I’m not in Oneonta anymore. It should come as no surprise that the place I inhabit doesn’t look like the place I used to inhabit. Upstate New York — at least, the part of it that I lived in — was easily distinguishable by the rolling hills and wide, shallow valleys of the Catskills, which you could see from pretty much anywhere you happen to be. The place I live in now doesn’t seem to be in any way distinguishable from anything else.

Observe the view from my living room couch.
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