I know the truth, now, so do you


Ferguson, MO.

Talk about history repeating itself. Once again, we have what appears to be a clear cut case of police brutality that pits white officers against unarmed black men. Once again, we have a predominantly white jury indicating that the white officer did nothing wrong and need not be punished.

And once again, we have countless white spectators on the sidelines standing on their soapboxes and shouting their insensitivity and their bias and their ignorance.

You’d almost think it was still 1992.

“Many are waking up to news reports of riots, looting and burning in Ferguson overnight, to unrest in our major cities, to echoes of LA 1992 and, for those that remember, Watts 1965. We have come some way since then, yet have so very far to go. I have not many words to offer by way of solace, but when our collective attention turns away from the mayhem and back to what gave rise to it, when we return to our lives and gather our families this Thanksgiving, let us pledge to move forward as one people who must solve this together. For it is not “they” who suffer anguish and rail their anger, it is “we.” – George Takei

And this is a lovely sentiment … but unfortunately it’s a fairy tale. Right now, in these United States of America, it is not “we,” it is only “them” and “us.”
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