If you lose yourself, I will find you

lostOne of the reasons why I called this blog Beyond the Crucible is because I am. At least chronologically, the crucible is behind me, never to return.

Not that I think my life will be smooth sailing from now on, with nary another problem from now until I’m dead. There may be other significant challenges in my future. But that particular, and particularly devastating, crucible is behind me.

Except that it’s not, really.
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The me I never knew

What does it mean when your children have the same philosophies or values, even when they are dissimilar in every other way? Does it mean that they might have learned something from you? Or does it mean that they have all become adept at telling you what you want to hear because you are that easy to manipulate? Or does it, perhaps, mean nothing at all?

I got to thinking about that after that last post of mine, when both of my daughters came in here (four minutes apart) to say essentially the same thing. Since both comments had to be approved by me before they were visible, you can’t say that Gina saw Kimmie’s comment and decided that she had a good point and would echo it. Besides, that would be completely out of character. And, considering the time of day that they posted and the fact that there’s a 3 hour time difference involved, I don’t think there was any conspiracy involved either. That would be completely out of character for both of them. They just happened to have the same thought.
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